Building BRIDGES between NOW and your ENERGY EFFICIENCY

About us

SERVICE:FOCUS at a glance

"Our vision is to help companies reach the peak of efficiency and sustainability through innovative solutions based on Energy Monitoring."

We at SERVICE:FOCUS have recognized through our many years of activity in the development and service of machines and systems that the rapid progress in new components and solutions in the field of Energy Monitoring and data analysis offers enormous potential for manufacturing companies.

Due to the growing interest in this topic, we, Anton Reitmeir and Stefan Waldhör, decided in 2023 to found the company SERVICE:FOCUS as a competent partner for Energy Monitoring.

"Our motivation for creating our startup is to have a positive impact on the business community and the environment."
"We are convinced that through the proper use of technology, digitalization and data analytics, companies are able to optimize their operations and reduce costs while reducing their environmental footprint."

The team

  • 04.2023Startup founding phase

    Our motivation for founding our startup is to have a positive impact on the business world and the environment through the proper use of technology, digitalization, and data analytics.
  • 07.2023SERVICE:FOCUS
    Reitmeir & Waldhör OG

  • 11.2023Start INNC program at InnCubator

    Booster by InnCubator: With our great idea, we are now part of the INNC program! A program for selected start-ups that don't just think, but push forward - with innovations that go beyond the status quo.